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Master cylinder

Robert Seehaus (FB) drives this for more than 6 years: the one from the Multicar (Czech version)
“Direct fit, you just need to turn it 45°”

Wheel cylinders and shoes

They're actually the same than the 6 cylinders Series Land Rover (for 4×4 TGB).

Full kit and Land Rover references:
1x STC3945 Front Brake Shoe Set
2x 600200 Front Wheel Cylinders
2x 600201 Front Wheel Cylinders
4x 234889 Front Brake Shoe Springs
1x STC2797 Rear Brake Shoe Set
1x 243296R Rear Wheel Cylinder
1x 243297R Rear Wheel Cylinder
2x 548169 Rear Brake Shoe Springs
2x 531893 Rear Brake Shoe Springs
1.5x RTC3176 Brake Adjuster Set (6 adjusters)

Rigid brake lines

The male end is 3/8“ UNF, 24 tpi.
The female is 3/8” UNF, 24 tpi.

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