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CV boot change

Most of the content of this page was taken from:
With a bit of information added by me and/or given by Brandon.

The official way of changing the CV boot is in the manual.
It implies opening the portal (not removing it from the axle), then removing the bearing then changing the boot from outside to inside (into the axle).
Most of us don't use this official method but one that doesn't need to open the portal, just remove them from the axle (and changing the boot the other way round, ie: into the portal from the axle).

The axle is off the truck so access is easy. I made an axle trolley by welding a couple of cheap bottle jack onto my broken engine crane stand.

Trying to remove the bump stop plate was a pain. As always 2 of the 3 fixings came out but there is always 1 that won’t. That one had to be drilled out and re tapped. Not sure what it was to start with, but now it’s m6


next i have made a wheel carrier using some scrap iron and my engine stand. then ran out of time.


2 guide pins created out of 1/2″ UNC bolts inserted


Wheel carrier removed


CV boot teased out with a pry bar


any clue what this is? looks like grease and mud
I’m guessing this should not be here. Any clues how to clean this up?
Wiped out as much as i could then injected some new oil in to wash the rest off. I was a bit worried that the inside of the hub would be coated in this moose, but draining the oil showed it was ok.



Fitting the new boot was a fiddle. as i pushed one side in the other came out. Ended up cutting a 10cm section of 4″ pipe and using that, with a hammer to push it in



It proved not to want to go back in. problem was that the splines in the half shaft did not quite line up in the diff. quick fiddle with the diff flange and straight in.
Locking the diff before starting the job helps.

The book said to put some sealant in this joint but there was non in there before so I have not. time will tell
bolts tightened up to 110nm

oil filled up, done. Make sure the shaft end of the boot is a nice fit in the joint. I had 2 goes


Plumbing adapter can be used as tool to help the boot back in (100/80 PVC adapter or 100/93 repair adapter).


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