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Original specs

Engine: 10W50 or 10W40 (depends on where you're located and temperature)
For transmission BUT portals (transfer box, gearbox, diffs): API-GL1, either SAE 85 W/90 or SAE 85/90. Use GL4, NOT GL5.
For portals: 85W140 non-synthetic gear oil


Last military specs

In the last military manuel (2005), they're using the same oil for engine, gearbox, transfer box and portals but diffs..
Engine: 5W30 synth
Transmission but diffs: 5W30 synth
Diffs: 80W140



For portal: #291 with 3/8“ diameter
For diffentials: #291 with 1/2” diameter
For gearbox: M22x1.5 gearbox plug by ZF
For clutch housing: 1/4“, conical, prefer steel

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